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WARNING: One Good List Building Tip Can EXPLODE The Size Of Your Email List
And Make You IRRESISTIBLE To The "Big Players" In Your Niche!

NOTE: If you were to attend a live event with these 17 List Building Experts, it would cost you a minimum of $3000. This week, you can listen to then FREE from the comfort of your home!

List Building Interview Series: November 15 - 23, 2010

Date: November 8, 2010

From the desk of: Stephen Beck
Bryan, Texas

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why some people make LOTS of money on the Internet and some don't? How some people seem to have a meteoric rise to the top and others grind away for years and years ...never making significant headway in their online business? Here's the secret...

You have to have a large, responsive email list to make good money online. Love me or hate me for saying this, but that's just the facts!

But you might be asking yourself, how in the world do I build a big list? None of the people with big lists will answer my emails or return my calls. And I don't have all the big gurus emailing for me all at the same time. Who couldn't make a million dollars if you had that!

The fact is, there are easy and inexpensive things you can do to build a large, responsive email list (many of them are FREE!). And I have assembled a team of CRACK EXPERTS in list building to share those secrets with you
...for FREE, from the comfort of your own home.

The World's Best List Building Experts
Will Soon Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets

We've brought together the biggest names in List Building so you can achieve the success you deserve from their expertise and experience on how to grow your email subscriber list to new heights - experiencing more sales - and experiencing more respect from the movers and shakers in your niche. While creating a huge fan base at the same time!

Whether your business is online or offline, you CANNOT afford to miss this unique opportunity to learn from the best.

Now it is YOUR turn to learn the list building secrets that have kept you out of the loop for all this time. Now you can "turn the tables" and finally be on the INSIDE instead of just watching from the sidelines.

You no longer have to feel like a child looking through a window at all the kids having a blast inside ...just out of reach! Now YOU get to be the one on the inside enjoying the success that until now has been the privilege of the "well-connected" and the "good ol' boy" network.

You will have a large, responsive email list and other people with big lists will want want to work with you. And bring you all their hungry customers!

Soon you will have the answers to questions like...

  • Where do you find joint venture partners in your niche?

  • How can I gain expert status very quickly and attract a large group of fans who look to me for guidance and recommendations?

  • How do you approach the "Big Players" in your niche? Is it best to email or call first?

  • What are the most effective offline methods to build my email subscriber list?

  • How to you get through the "high walls" that surround the "Big Players" and get them to promote your products and services?

  • How do I get more of my web site visitors to "optin" or subscribe to my list? What are the key elements?

  • And how do you get joint venture partners to actually follow through and promote your stuff?

Never before have so many experts been assembled at one time for just one purpose ...showing you how to build your list quickly and economically. So...

Meet Your Panel Of List Building Experts...

Bill Glazer
"As Dan Kennedy's Business Partner, He Is One Of The Most Influential Information Marketers In The World And Has Single Handedly Built One Of The Largest Email Subscriber Lists In The World - Over 300,000!"

  • Before you know the "what" (the product), you have to know the "who"...

  • The reasons launches are a great way to build your list ...and how to use them to their fullest.

  • Content syndication  - what it is and how it can explode the size of your subscriber list.

  • Why 3 reasons why content works so much better than search engine traffic and pay per click ...and how that helps the "little guy" just starting out!

  • Why a book know, like a "real" book a great email list builder.

    The holy grail of list building techniques - buying mailing lists and getting them to optin to your email subscriber list! How to do it and where to find the lists (and he names names!).

  •  How to get a copy of Bill's best selling book ...for FREE!

Reed Floren
"The 24 Year Old Wonder Kid Who Created A Huge Email List Through JV Give-Aways And JV Brokering
- Learn His Insider Secrets!"

  • Discover the subscriber metric that your list should produce each month

  • The reasons why partnering with people that have smaller lists may actually build your list faster!

    A great place to find huge joint venture partners every time a big launch comes around ... and how to approach those people

  • How a "Joint Venture Give Away" works ...and how it can add 3000, 9000 even 20,000 new emails to your list in a few weeks!

  • Why new competitors in your niche is a good thing ...and how you can use it to your advantage

    How to choose a JV Borker that is right for you ...and the names of the top 4 Joint Venture Brokers that get results! (And no, Reed is not doing JV Brokering anymore!)

  • The 5 steps to becoming a JV Broker for other people you can make money, build your connections and build your list at the same time

  • What Reed would do if he had to do it all over again from scratch!



Yanik Silver
"One Of The Most Respected And Well Known Marketers In The Online World Shares His Secrets For Building A Huge Email List ...And For Giving Back To Young Entrepreneurs!"

  • His first million dollar product online came to him in a dream!

  • What is direct response marketing and how it allows YOU to compete with the Big Boys ...and win!

  • The one question you should ask that will build your subscriber list by leaps and bounds

  • The one thing you should never under-estimate when trying to build a list

    A cool piece of software that allows your visitor to tell his friends, family and entire email address book about your event

  • Why you should be using Facebook's Connect Suite of Tools and how it will give you one more way to build your list

  • Sneaky tip: refer people to just an email subscription to increase your optins - this saves a step and reduces optin page abandonment!

Charlie Page
Old School Marketer Puts a New Twist on List Building With Ezines And Solo Emails

  • Ingenious way to find hundreds of joint venture partners willing and able to promote your products and services to their hungry subscriber list

  • How to find the "perfect moment" when people are most likely to subscribe to your optin list

  • Why a "warm" endorsement will beat cold traffic every time ....and how you can get these warm endorsements

    How you can find hundreds of super targeted buyers from other list builders in your niche ...and why the list builders are willing to share their lists with you

  • Combine these two principle to create a viral product that will explode the size of your list ...big players won't be able to resist this!

  • Creative way to list swap with list owners who have a much bigger list than you do

  • Cool way to use a survey to build your list - uses psychological triggers and curiosity

  • How to build your list even faster if you recommend ClickBank affiliate products - get paid and build your list at the same time!


Jeff Vacek
"A Professional Joint Venture Broker Spills The Beans On How The Pros Find Joint Venture Partners For Their Own Clients!"

  • The #1 place to find proven and willing joint venture partners when you're starting out ...what to look for and how to choose the right ones!

    A crazy little known postcard
    that is guaranteed to get visitors to your site won't believe this one

  • The four essentials to getting free search engine traffic from Google you can build your list with a killer offer

  • Super secret site to tell where your competitors are getting their backward links - then go get some yourself!

Jeff Herring
"Article Marketing Specialist Who Couldn't Stop The
Flood Of Traffic To His Web Sites Even If He Wanted To
...And Believe Me, He Doesn't!"

  • The 5 things you need to have to be successful on the internet in any niche: content creation, online visibility, traffic generation, list building and product creation

  • How a college professor's rebuke and sarcasm turned Jeff into one the Internet's most prolific writers!

  • How to turn Twitter, Facebook and YouTube followers into rabid customers's a simple as sending them to this secret site!

  • The LIFE model - links, information, fun and entertainment - and how it will help you build your list - even through social media

  • The 10:1 principle for getting your emails opened, read and clicking on your offer links

    2 SUPER COOL TOOLS that will automate your social media add thousands of twitter followers to your account!

  • Step by step on how to start from scratch when building a big list



Shannon McCaffery
"An Insider Who Works Closely With Some Of The Biggest Marketers On The Planet Shares Her List Building Secrets!"

  • 2 easy ways to get your list to tell you EXACTLY what they want to buy ...and the magic question that reveals their deepest need

    Where to speak in your local area for building a list online ...and her secret form that she uses to collect names and emails of the audience. You can download it for FREE.

  •  The right way to ask for referrals - both from customers and joint venture partners

  • How to get people with big lists to notice you and take you seriously

  • How to shortcut the list building process ...only for serious entrepreneurs!

  • The one place to start that no one thinks of ...but is vitally important to your online business!

Matthew Wadsworth
"The 'No Excuse' Approach To Building A Huge List And Getting On The Radar Of The Biggest Names In Your Niche
...From A Man Who Was BROKE Three Short Years Ago
...And Has Been BLIND Since Birth!"

WARNING: This Talk Will Inspire You!

  • The lesson that his father taught him that has helped him succeed in business ...and can help you too

  • 4 specific things you can do to determine your driving force ...and why that is crucial for online business success

    the C.I.R.E. method for getting top review sites to review and promote your product
    - thus making lots of sales and building a huge list at the same time!

  • The right way to do an "ad swap" ...including the missing ingredient that causes most people to fail

  • How to make money and grow your list with your own review site - turn the tables and have affiliates and big players chase YOU for a change



Keith Baxter
"The Advertising Genius Who Owned A CPA Network And Now Reveals How To Grow Your List Using Online Advertising!"

  • The two ways to build your list ...and why one will produce better and longer lasting results

  • Three ad networks the pros use (and you can too) to get targeted traffic without jumping through all of the Googles Adword hoops!

  • The three step strategy to use when you are just starting out buying traffic ...that doesn't require constant attention, tons of money and 5 bottles of Pepto Bismol for your stomach!

  • The top 5 niches that work best with cpa and cpv advertising

    The super secret site
    where you can see the best and most profitable headlines online ...from companies that are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a month...and then create your own from these proven front runners!

  • The simple formula for knowing exactly how much traffic you need to meet your income goals

Valerie Young
"Nationally Known Author Pulls Back The Curtain To Reveal How To Build Your List Through Offline Media Such As Newspapers, Magazines And Television
...And How To Corporations To Foot The Bill!"

Using Search Engines To Find Potential JV Partners

  • Case study on how a woman turned a love for penguins into a six-figure income ...and how you, too, can follow your passion!

  • How to get published in the top magazines and newspapers in the country ...and how this can grow your list by hundreds every day!

  • What local papers (and national ones too) are looking for in guest writers and columnists ...and how you can get those credentials very easily

  • Why giving your best stuff away for free is not a bad thing - if you do it the right way and have this secret weapon in place

  • Cool "Tell-A-Friend" script that you can use on your web site, newsletters and even your social media that will instantly explode your subscriber list

  • How to get corporations to sponsor your live events and even pay to advertise in your newsletters ...this happens all the time for those who know how!

    A little known FREE conference where you can pitch your idea to a MAJOR nationally syndicated magazine
    ...and how to get selected for a featured spot!



Terry Dean
"Seasoned Marketer Shares How To Get More People To Your Squeeze Page And How To Convert More Of Those Visitors Into Subscribers!"

  • Terry's very interesting take on passion vs profits ...what should you build your online business around?

  • Should you give away a big gift or a small gift when asking for a name and an email ...Terry gives you the definitive answer based on testing ...and explains why!

  • The 5 elements EVERY squeeze page must have to achieve the highest subscriber rate ...and how Captain Kirk and Spock from Star Trek illustrate this beautifully!

    Great method for getting the attention of ANY big player in your niche using their old blog posts.
    ..this one works 95% of the time! Plus it also helps you rank in the search engines. This is a killer tip!

  • Another tip using video that is sure to get the attention on any big fish in your niche!

  • How to get potential joint venture partners off the Internet where you don't stand a chance and into a relationship where you do

  • The Dream 100 method that attracts joint venture partners like a magnet good joint venture partner can outperform months or even years of other list building techniques ...and can set you financially for life!

  • The #1 question to ask every joint venture partner immediately after a successful launch or promotion

Willie Crawford
"The Top JV Broker In The Country Spills Insider Secrets On How To Find, Recruit And Manage Your JV Partners!"

  • 5 different ways to structure a joint venture relationship ...and which one is right for you

  • How to co-create products that inevitably lead to joint venture opportunities with the other participants

    why 2 tier affiliate programs can be a gold mine
    for a would-be jv broker

  •  Why you want to become a jv broker ...and how that positions you for future jv deals and gives you the lion's share of the profit

  • The 3 questions that must be answered before a person with a big list will share their list with you. They won't ask you directly, but you better have an answer if you hope to gain access to their list.

  • 4 ways to make sure a joint venture partner actually emails to his list for you

  • Using cards and gifts to solidify jv parnerships ...the do's and dont's!

  • The right way to email potential jv contacts ...and the wrong way!

  • The one stop shop to find product owners, joint venture brokers, people with big lists, affiliate marketers and a calendar of all the major product launches



Felicia Slattery
"This 100-Watt Energy Woman Can Show You How To
Create Tons Of Business And Tons Of Subscribers
With Your Very Own Signature Speech!"

  • What is a "Signature Speech" and how it will help you build an online list?

  • How to attract the RIGHT kind of people to your business ...the kind that take action and buy your products and services

  • How to make a six-figure income with a very small list

  • How to adapt your signature speech for all that you do - teleseminars, webinars, live speaking and even speaking from the stage

  • A little know formula for always saying the right thing to every audience

  • How to grab their attention at the beginning and keep it through your presentation

  • Why you should speak for free and how you will make more money in the long run

  • 5 tips for nervousness that work even work for people with stage-fright

  • Why you should never get tired of your story ...and how your story can make you a bunch of money!

John Morgan
"The Chuck Norris of personal branding. John is the guy
the biggest personal brands in the world call
when they need advice!"

  • What is personal branding and why it is essential to building not only a large llist, but a responsive list as well

  • How to lock in customers and potential joint venture partners so they have no choice but do business with you ...instead of your competitors

  • WhatTiger Woods, Conan Obrien and Whitney Houstonhave to do with the style you take in your personal branding

  • The 3 reasonswhy list building is much easier and fasterwhen you have a string personal brand

  • The number one thing that gets your emails opened in this economy - and no, it's not what you think

  • The 20/60/20 rule in list building - ignore this one at your peril

  • The one thing you must have in every email - even when you are not presenting an offer

    The "Creepy Stalker Method" of building your email list - and why it's not all that creepy, but works like gang busters!

  • Sneaky speaking technique that resulted in hundreds of new FaceBook friends and hundreds of new subscribers - and made John the hit of the conference



Terry Wygal
"Fireman And His Dog Take The List Building World By Storm Using 3-Minute Videos On A Cheap Video Camera!"

  • The right way to use video to build a list ...and the three things EVERY video should include to build your list FAST

  • 5 different things you can do to your videos to get the most list building results from each and every video

  • How to develop a character or persona online - this is ESSENTIAL for getting noticed in a competitive niche

    Amazing strategy for getting the experts in your niche to come to YOU and practically giving you their email subscribers on a silver platter!

  • Organizing live events to get to know major players in your niche and make BIG money's not as hard as you think

  • The magic number of subscribers that can make you a six-figure and even seven-figure income this your goal?

Alejandro Reyes
"College Drop Out And Ex-Youth Pastor Blows Local Businesses Away With SIMPLE Online Marketing Techniques
...And He Explains How You Can Do The Same Thing!"

  • How to take online marketing methods such as search engine optimization, social media and pay per click to offline small businesses ...and get paid handsomely!

  • How to position yourself as a leader/authority in your niche through 3 simple and quick methods

  • Why working on your weaknesses is a BAD idea! Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

    2 simple strategies that will grow your list EVERY time you speak in public - these 2 NEVER fail!

  • 3 step method for getting offline contacts to join your online subscriber list



Richard Geller
"Mad Scientist Entrepreneur Shares His Top Secret Formula For Finding Red Hot Lists That Want To Work With You!"

  • How to leverage someone else's list until you build your own

  • The #1 thing to look for when choosing a niche or a topic ...that will ensure your success

  • People with big lists want to work with two groups of people - are you one of those ...and how can you get into that group?

  • How often you should email your list ...and how to reduce spam complaints

    Little known paypal tip that can give you access to hundreds of people with huge lists
    in your niche - people that are begging for your help! Better take action on this one ...I know I will!

Paul Counts
"The Traffic Generating Boy Wonder Who Will Catch Grief From His Guru Friends For Sharing Too Many List Building Techniques ...That Newbies Can Use Right Away!"

He even names the web sites to find them!

  • Using Private Label Rights to build a huge list, where to find it and what to do with it AFTER they have subscribed

    solo ads can grow your list by THOUSANDS for pennies on the dollar - where to find them, what to ask and what to pay!

  • A super secret site that reveals a squeeze page that converts at a whopping 50% - go spy on the best!

  • The EXACT steps you need to take to turn a visitor into a buyer - don't miss any of these or you'll be leaving money on the table!

    How to find
    give-away events
    that will fill your subscriber list with tons of targeted fans - you can even run one yourself!

  • The BEST pop-under software that all the gurus use - because it works like gangbusters at building your list!



Paul Evans
"The Savvy List Builder With A Heart Of Gold For Orphans - Everything He Does Has A Reason And A Purpose!"

    The "Ask A Coach" Model
    - the high content, low barrier of entry method of building your list

  • The easy formula forfinding people who want to interview you for their list you can grow yours as well!

  • The "Hey, you've already invested 2 minutes" method to get massive amounts of email subscribers from your videos, webinars and blogs

  • 2 killer tricks for training your subscribers to click on the links in your emails and your offer pages

  • Are you taking people to their backyard ...or to the moon? And how this affects how people respond on your list.

  • Giving back - Paul's story of 100X Missions and his orphanages all around the world!

  • Why being a big fish in a small pond is NOT necessarily a good thing!

Stephen Beck
"Product Creation And Webinar Expert Shares How He Created A Huge And Responsive Email Subscriber List Of Buyers
...Using Joint Ventures!"

  • One of the quickest ways to build a list while making money at the same time

  • How to create a "Hit List" of potential joint venture partners in any niche ...where to find them and how to get their contact information

  • The right way to approach big players and potential joint venture partners at live events - do this the right and you can explode your email list!

  • Slick method for getting a warm introduction to potential joint venture partners

  • How to find contact information for potential joint venture partners ...even the hard to reach "celebrities" in your niche



3 things you should know about these interviews:

1. They are interviews...not prepared presentations.

You get a fresh, spontaneous response from each of our List building Super Heroes. We ask questions that you want to ask, but can't.

2. We know you are super-busy, so we have kept interviews to 30-45 minutes long.

You don't have to wade through a lot of rambling. We get straight to the point and share how grow your list fatser than you ever thought possible.

3. We only recommend tried and true list building tips that we and the speakers have used to build our lists!

No fluff. No gimmicks. Just the stuff that works!

You'll Discover Formulas, Strategies and Practical Tips That All Online Entrepreneurs Can Use IMMEDIATELY To Built A Large And Responsive Email List ...They REALLY Work!

These speakers are the best of the best in the business. So, all you need to do is register below and we'll send you the date and times when our List Building Super Heroes will be speaking and then you can just hop on your computer and listen in.

Think about it. You don't have to go anywhere. You can sit and home or your office, and access what many others pay thousands of dollars for when attending seminars. That's right, no "middle seat" airline travel, no overpriced hotel rooms, no car rental and no late nights away from home. That's right, you never have to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. Just sit back and relax in your favorite easy chair and absorb these List Building strategies. Once you sign up, you'll have the access to each interview on the day we play that interview. 

Again, this telesummit is free and you can listen to it where you're sitting right now. You'll get to hear some of the best List Building experts in the world on how to generate a large responsive email list that you can market your products and services to for year after year. Just think about the lifetime value of each new email subscriber!

If we put all these speakers in a 3-day seminar you'd have to pay at least $2500. But you can have the same experience without leaving your home. You won't have to pay for hotels, flights, food, seminar fees or anything like that.

It's not going to cost you anywhere near $2500. In fact, it's FREE to listen to our daily interviews over the next 2 weeks.

I just wish that I had access to this information when I first started my online business. List Building has been the life blood of my business. Today, you don't have to big bucks for it. And you don't have to fly to seminar to get it. You just need to register for this FREE telesummit by clicking on the button below.  It's really that simple.

To your success,

Stephen Beck

PS - Many people complain, but few ever act.  I hope you'll act on this opportunity

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